Poker for Dummies: 4 Types of Poker You Need to Know

Poker for Dummies- 4 Types of Poker You Need to Know

Poker is one of the most popular games you can play in online casinos, but aside from the old-school game, there are different types of poker you can try.

Over the years, many more poker variations have become available for you to play, and here are four of the most popular ones you can learn today.

4 Types of Poker

  1. Texas Hold’Em

Hailed as the king of poker, Texas Hold’Em is one of the first types of poker you should learn. It is also the most popular for many poker players, and most online casinos have this in their gaming collections.

Texas Hold’Em also has a massive selection of tables with varying stakes available. The hand rankings for this poker variant are easy to pick up, and the rules are easy to follow. Because of the popularity of Texas Hold’Em, you can usually find this game offered wherever there is a collection of poker games.

  1. 7-Card Stud

Before Texas Hold’Em held the title as the most popular poker variant, the poker world once had the 7-Card Stud at the top. Currently, 7-Card Stud is mostly available in several poker tournaments.

Players in this poker variant will receive individual hands as opposed to using hole cards in Texas Hold’Em. With separate hands, mastering 7-Card Stud is much harder compared to other poker variants.

However, if you have the potential to learn to do well in this game, it can be a fun and challenging environment.

  1. Omaha Hi

This variant of poker is another one of the most popular types of the game. Omaha Hi is often available in pot-limit games. It is a bit similar to Texas Hold’Em, but instead of two cards dealt for every player, there is a 4-card deal.

With more cards at the beginning of each hand, having good hands in Omaha Hi is much easier than Texas Hold’Em.

Unlike Texas Hold’Em, not all online casinos offer PLO tables, so you can’t always find places to play Omaha Hi. However, many gambling sites online are expanding their poker variants, and Omaha Hi is often their second choice.

  1. 5-Card Draw

This poker variant is a common choice for friendly games of poker. It’s one of the quickest types of poker to master with each player’s cards presented in front of them, although they are not visible to you.

5-Card Draw only has one round of drawing cards, and it is straightforward to learn. There are two betting rounds, each player with five cards. Aside from being the quickest type of poker to learn, the one drawing-round of 5-Card Draw also makes it straightforward to follow and understand.

If you want to expand your poker skills, understanding and learning the rules of popular types of poker can level up your gameplay.