Serengeti gold


Playing Serengeti safaris by yourself is a great way to enjoy the scenery while not risking your own safety in the wilds. Yet this solitary experience can be made more exciting by joining a slot machine that offers Payouts. Microgaming and Justforthewin take you on an amazing virtual safari into the Serengeti in their new Serengeti Gold slot machine. Highly detailed lion images zoom on the 16 paylines and five reels, with the occasional wildebeest wandering among them.

It is similar to other casino games where you are required to hit a certain number of random buttons in order to spin the reels, but in this case there are more symbols to memorize. The game has five reels. The first five are circular, and you need to keep them spinning by clicking on them. The circular ones have small icons for every one of the five positions on the circle. The icons change color when you move closer or further to that particular point on the circle. There is a symbol for each of the five positions in the video slot game.

You earn money by winning and with every win you get another five coins. On reaching twenty-one you can then use your coins to redeem them for a lion skin which comes in a plastic bag. This is the big “bonus” that makes playing the slot game worthwhile – the chance to receive a free animal skin for playing the slot machine.

There is another major difference between this game and others in the African Safari slot machine portfolio: the game has two major bonus features. These allow players to play for high jackpots with guaranteed success. If you reach level ten you will be eligible for a maxed out bonus of two million gold coins. If you hit level twenty-one, you will be eligible for a maxed out bonus of eight million gold. These bonuses are called “zeals”, and they cannot be used on any other slot machines in the game.

Because this online slot game is an entirely web-based game there is no interaction between players, nor is there any printing or copying of cards. There are no points, or currencies, or even coins in this online game. It is strictly a game of chance, which means that players have an excellent chance of winning, but are not likely to come out a big winner with every play. This is okay with me though, because I love the idea of the game not requiring any physical interaction with the player.

In addition to these no-interaction features, the game also has a couple of unique features that help it stand out from other slot machines. For example, unlike most slots, each of the ten symbols on the cards in a game of Serengeti will pay out a single amount, called a “scatter”. All of the information about the symbol is displayed in front of the player. For example, if you see the word “Serengeti” in big bold letters you are looking at the odds for that particular symbol. Similarly, if you see a picture of an animal on one of the cards, you are looking at the odds of that particular symbol appearing on the card.