Space wars

  Playing Space Wars for free, without having to deposit, seems crazy. On the surface, Space Wars seems like a very simple slot game: a lot of spaces, a bunch of bills and “play money”, and you click on bills to place them in space lock cylinders and get points. Play Space Wars for FREE, […]

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Ozzy osbourne

  Ozzy Osbourne is one of the greatest slot machine icons of all time. With herding millions of fans clamoring for her payday each day, it’s no wonder she’s one of the most well known female rollback jackpot slot machines in history. However, Ozzy isn’t by any means your run-of-the-mill slot machine. Her latest game, […]

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Mercy of the gods

Mercy of the Gods is the hottest slot machine to hit the internet lately, it’s a hot slot machine with a lot of promise. It has all of the characteristics of a good slot machine with the exception of having a lot more payouts than most other slot machines, and the reels that are used […]

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