Wild scarabs


Wild Scarabs is a fast five reels and unlimited ways to earn virtual slot cash with Microgaming. The slot has a classic Egypt theme and comes with some amazing graphics and sounds. You will be transported into the Land of Egypt, where fabulous hidden treasures and big wins await to be found.

Slot machine specialists claim that there are few, if any other, slot games with as much fun, exciting and huge payouts as Wild Scarabs. In fact, it is said that players can rack up more winnings on this game than on almost every other one. Some claim that playing Wild Scarabs is even better than playing slot machines with real money. If you have a little free time and wish to try your luck at slot gaming, you should play this game.

There are actually two games available in this slot game. The first game is part of a promotion for a new land called Muara. This land is part of the land of Upper Egypt in the ancient times. It also has its very own casino, which can be played from the Wild Scarab slots. The casinos offer many big wins and bonus features in order to encourage people to play the game.

The second part of the Wild Scarab is a casino game in itself. Although it does not have its own slots, it has its own casino software that can be used on the slots. One of the main attractions of this software is that it allows you to use a special kind of slot machine called the CS Apply machine. This machine is exclusively for use on the Wild Scarabs and provides the same great action and excitement that can be found on the slots.

When you play on the wild scarabs slot machines, you get to earn coins. These coins are used for purchasing different kinds of symbols. You can get the Wild Scarab tribal dragon symbol, the Wild Scarab egg symbol, the Wild Scarab fire symbol or the Wild Scarab flower symbol. These symbols can then be spent on other items. There are three kinds of chips that you can buy, namely, Silver Surprise, Silver Plus, and Gold Surprise.

These chips can be spent on placing your bet on which wild scarab will come out first. The number of coins that you will earn per spin is always the same. However, the more you place, the more chances you have of earning more winnings. However, if you lose a bet, you will end up spending one point from your accumulated points. You can win one point for every five spins you make without ever spending any coins.

The last part of this game deals with the bonus features. The biggest bonus features that you can get from this game include the ability to place three wild symbols on the non-winning reel. This allows you to have three free spins each round. You can also get an additional bonus of two free plays on the non-winning reel if you play on the blue option for at least ten plays. It is important to know that the maximum number of free plays that you can get from this game is ten, and you cannot get more than nine plays in one game.