Zombie hoard

Zombie Hoard – A Review of the Microgaming Casino Online Game

When it was first released in March 2019, Zombie Hoard was powered by Microgaming. The developer behind the game, Slingshot Studios, is an independent software provider that works with Microgaming to develop new titles. This game has already received accolades for its Banyan Odyssey and Cash of Kingdoms slots. Here are some of its most unique features:

The game features four high-value symbols: Zombies (a librarian, nurse, mailman, and maid) with a total payout of 80x to 500x. There are also five lower-value symbols, including A, K, Q, and J, and one scatter symbol – a brain. During the free spins feature, these symbols will appear on the screen and will help trigger the Free Spins bonus. The wild symbol in the game is the Zombie Hoard logo, which can land on all five reels and substitute for all other symbols.

The graphics and sounds of Zombie Hoard are frightfully fun. Players will love the cartoon style graphics and 8-bit video game-inspired soundtrack. Using the super stacked wilds to increase your chances of winning, this slot will boost your winnings. If you’re a big fan of zombie movies, you’ll love the eerie soundtrack in this slot. The sound effect of a zombie being suckered on a penny will leave you laughing.

A zombie horde can also attack with melee weapons. This attack hits one target within the horde’s space and deals 46 (12d6 + 4) piercing damage. It can even reduce a target to 0 by triggering a wish spell. It can only be revived by true resurrection or by using a wish spell. If you want to play a zombie horde, make sure to avoid getting in the way of the horde.

In addition to the frenzied free spins, Zombie Hoard is another great online slot game. These spins are triggered by collecting 30 brain tokens or three scatter symbols. The free spins are significantly boosted by super stacked wilds on all reels. Furthermore, all winnings are doubled during these free spins. This is a fantastic way to maximize your winnings! You’ll even have a chance to win a jackpot!

The Zombie Hoard online slot is powered by Slingshot Studios and Microgaming. It has five reels, nine paylines, and is playable for anywhere from ninep to PS45 per spin. It has a fun zombie theme and an added bonus feature involving a 2x multiplier. The feature is also equipped with a super stacked wild on reels three and four. There are also two bonus features, the highest of which is the Zombie Hoard feature.